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BioSnacky Medium Plastic Germinator

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SPECIAL! Reduced to clear - box faded (but greenhouse perfectly fine)

Turn your kitchen into a greenhouse! Discover how much fun it is to cultivate your own fresh and crunchy shoots and sprouts using an Original BioSnacky germinator and BioSnacky Seeds from organically controlled crops.

Sprouts and shoots are the perfect accompaniment to a well-balanced diet at any time of the year and are a great source of vitamins and minerals. Have fun watching the shoots grow in the comfort of your own kitchen. You can harvest them in a matter of days.

Correct use of the top-quality Original BioSnacky Seeds will ensure optimum cultivation results in all BioSnacky germinators and glass germinators.

  • A great source of vitamins
  • Provides fresh and crunchy shoots every single day
  • Optimum light exposure and air circulation due to the transparent round seed trays with ventilation slits
  • Easy to use and simple to clean
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Eco-friendly acrylic glass (specially recommended for foodstuffs)
  • Scratch and shock-resistant
  • UV-resistant
  • Contains no cadmium or formaldehyde

The Medium BioSnacky Mini Greenhouse sprouter includes:

  1. A flat lid This lid ensures a consistently damp environment and protects seedlings from dust and other harmful external influences.
  2. Three seed trays, which enable you to cultivate up to three different types of seeds as the same time, or to harvest continually by staggering the sowing of seeds. The trays are specially developed to ensure that sufficient moisture is always present. Ventilation slits in each seed tray and in the lid ensure that metabolic gases and heat are completely discharged, and the drainage siphons ensure a steady flow of water through the sprouter and a constant level of moisture.
  3. One water tray (base) After the seeds have been watered, all surplus water is collected in the water tray at the base of the sprouter.
  4. Instruction booklet with information about how to water and grow your sprouts.

Getting Started

1. Soaking/Rinsing

Due to the unique irrigation system in the BioSnacky Germinators, seeds do not require soaking prior to sowing. Rinse the lid, seed trays, water tray and seeds thoroughly under cold running water.

2. Sowing

Place the required amount of seeds on each seed tray with a tablespoon. Do not exceed the recommended amounts or the growth of you seeds will be affected. When sowing very small seeds (alfalfa, fenugreek) place a piece of damp fleece paper in the seed tray first. Fleece paper is not required for large seeds (mung bean, lentil, wheat).

You can either germinate seeds in just one tray or in several trays simultaneously. In order to be able to harvest a fresh crop of shoots every day we recommend staggered sowing of seeds.

3. Watering

First water: Place the entire unit (including the lid) under running lukewarm water. Fill the top seed tray with water. Each seed tray will automatically be watered one after the other. Any surplus water will be collected in the water tray. Empty the water tray as soon as the water has drained through the Sprouter. This surplus water is ideal for use on indoor plants. As each tray empties check that the seeds are evenly spread in the tray.

Subsequent Watering: Each seed type has different watering requirements.Please water with great care before the seeds have put out roots. Ensure seeds that have not yet germinated are thoroughly rinsed.

4. Placement

Place your closed Germinator in a well lit spot that is not in direct sunlight at room temperature (18-22°C).

5. Growing

Once seeds have germinated, the bottom of each seed tray needs only to be damp. Seeds should not lie in water. Empty the water tray as soon as the water has drained through the Sprouter. After the seeds have developed a significant filmy coating they need only be sprayed (misted) with fresh water.

Depending on the seeds watering requirements the water tray can either be kept empty or half full of fresh water. However this water MUST be changed every day.

6. Harvesting

Your live shoots and sprouts are ready for harvesting within 2-5 days. Herbage plants like wheatgrass will be ready in 6-8 days.

After harvesting, clean your Germinator thoroughly with a mixture of water and vinegar and allow to dry naturally. The entire unit is dishwasher safe (top shelf only - up to 85°C).

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