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Arborvitae Essential Oil (5mL) - doTERRA

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Arborvitae ("tree of life") is a warm, woody oil which protects against environmental and seasonal threats and promotes healthy cell function.

Arborvitae oil is a powerful cleansing and purifying agent and is a natural insect repellent and wood preservative.

Contains 100% pure therapeutic grade Thuja plicata oil.

Arborvitae Essential Oil Usage Tips

doTERRA Arborvitae Essential Oils is for topical or aromatic use.

  • Mix 4 drops of Arborvitae essential oil and 2 drops of Lemon essential oil with a carrier oil (such as fractionated coconut oil) for a natural wood preservative and polish.
  • Apply to wrists and ankles while hiking.
  • Add a few drops to a spray bottle with water and spray on hands or surfaces for a protecting solution.
  • Diffuse to purify the air or for a grounding aroma.
  • Use during meditation for a sense of peace and calm.
  • Mix in with mulch while gardening.
  • Create your own cologne with Cedarwood, Arborvitae and Frankincense.

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