Energy Healing

Main chakra centres

We are electromagnetic beings. Reiki and other energy healing methods help shift energy blockages, balance the chakras (energy centres) and raises frequency that has been lowered with illness.

Energy Healing is a gentle, non-invasive form of healing where the practitioner channels energy through their hands to clear, energise and balance the chakras, meridians and energy fields.

Our intuitive healer works with a variety of energy healing methods. Energy healing can be done as a stand alone session, to specifically balance chakras, clear the energy field, or just apply energy to problem areas, or can be included as part of a massage session to work on physical blockages from a deeper level.

As well as individual sessions with our experienced practitioner, we run regular workshops where you can learn to use energy healing yourself.

What can I expect during an energy healing session?

Energy healing usually takes place on a massage table; shorter energy healing session can take place while you are seated in a chair. Unless it is used during massage, you will remain fully clothed.

Depending on the type of healing technique applied, the healer’s hands may or may not touch your body. You may experience warmth, cold or a tingling sensation from the hands of the Reiki practitioner.

You may drift into a peaceful but light sleep. Some more sensitive people may have a visual or spiritual experience.

Simone Collins, Reiki Master / Energy Healer

Simone Collins has always been attracted to vibrational medicine, with an early affinity for crystals in childhood.

Simone started training in energy healing in 2004, completing numerous chakra balancing and Qi Gong workshops through the Australian Institute of Spiritual Healing Medicine.

Simone completed Reiki I in 2010, Reiki II in 2011 and Reiki Mastery in 2016. She has also learned a number of other powerful energy healing and chakra balancing techniques from other teachers.

As a massage therapist and reflexologist, Simone can combine reiki / energy healing in conjunction with a massage or reflexology treatment as well.

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