Want to Buy doTERRA Products at Wholesale Prices?

If you are likely to buy doTERRA products on a regular basis, why not save money by signing up for a wholesale account?

Signing up for a doTERRA wholesale account costs $35 initially for the first year, and then $25 per year to maintain your wholesaler status. Note that the $35 includes the delivery fee, so if you place an introductory order there is no additional postage cost.

(Or if you’d like to get a number of doTERRA oils when you are signing up, you can select an Enrolment Kit instead, which includes the wholesale fee as well as big discounts on your oils!).

You do not need to purchase oils monthly. However, if you choose to place a “Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP)” order every month, it not only allows you to purchase products at wholesale prices, but also allows you the opportunity to earn 10–30% of your total purchase in free product points. You also earn all your shipping costs back in free product points too! You can also receive a free oil if you order a minimum amount by the 15th of the month.

To get started, sign up for a doTERRA wholesale account here. Then select:

  1. Local (OTG)
  2. Wholesale prices

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