Sound Therapy


Eva listening to Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy involves listening programs which use specially filtered classical music to treat the cause of a hearing or auditory processing problem, by stimulating and restoring natural ear and brain function.

Renowned French ear specialist Dr Alfred Tomatis established a link between the sounds we hear and our functioning in speech, learning, energy and stress. He developed a way to treat the ear with sound. Using specially filtered classical music, he was able to not only improve ear function, but also beneficially recharge the cortex of the brain.

Research has shown the efficacy of Sound Therapy for tinnitus, stuttering, and learning problems such as dyslexia. Listeners regularly report:

How does Sound Therapy work?

Sound Therapy programs are recorded with enhanced high frequencies and a special pattern of high and low tones to re-open the listening pathway, stimulate the auditory processing system and balance the nervous system.

As this gentle exercise rehabilitates the ear, many hearing disorders are rectified. The programs are used in your own home on a portable player with headphones at low volume, during the day or while sleeping.

At your first consultation, our Senior Sound Therapy Consultant, Simone Collins, will take your medical history and initial assessment of your ear health, explain how the programs work, and help customise the most suitable listening routine for you.

To learn more about Sound Therapy, please visit our dedicated Sound Therapy website, Sound Therapy Perth.

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