Telephone out of action

We are still waiting for our telephone number to be ported from our old premises to the new. We had requested that this take place on March 10th, but as of the evening of March 16th, we’re still waiting, and our telco thus far hasn’t been able to indicate why we are still waiting. As such, we have no idea when it will be resolved.

We do have an internet connection at our new premises (as they have given us a new number here instead of just transferring our old one as requested), so we can be contacted via email and via our Facebook page.

Fingers crossed our phone number will be back in action soon!

Simone Collins

A keen musician with two science degrees, Simone Collins followed her heart to a career in natural health in 2003. Simone is the owner of Totally Sound Health, and is passionate about empowering others to take charge of their own health rather than becoming dependent on a therapist to fix them. Simone is also a mum to two beautiful girls.

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